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Helwan University

The main campus is in Ain Helwan, Cairo. A number of faculties have been moved there, while others are still located in Zamalek, Boulaq, Giza, El Manyal. Huge buildings are constructed at Ain Helwan so that ultimately all the university faculties would have one location.

Tel: 25590000 .

University Info:

Helwan University is a public Egyptian university and a member of the (Egyptian) Supreme Council of Universities. It’s based in Ain Helwan, Helwan, Egypt. A relatively new university compared to other older Egyptian universities such as Cairo University and Ain Shams University, in July 26, 1975, Helwan University was established by Act No. 70 of 1975.Helwan University started first as separate faculties in different small campuses, later the university faculties was gathered in one main campus (with few exceptions) in Ain Helwan, Helwan. It include a variety of unique faculties amongst other Egyptian universities (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts, Faculty of Music). Also, Faculty of Fine Arts, physical education for boys and girls, domestic economy were the first of their disciplines in Egypt. Other universities in Egypt, started similar ones later on

Academic Programs and Degrees
Under-Graduate Studies
*The B.Sc. Degree
*The B.A. Degree

Post-Graduate Studies
*The Postgraduate Diploma
*The Master’s Degree
*The Ph.D. Degree

Academic System at the University
The two-semester system is applied in all the faculties of the university except the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Instruction Language at the University
The Arabic and English languages

Faculty Of Fine Arts

Faculty Of Music Education

Faculty Of Art Education

Faculty Of Physical Education – Boys

Faculty Of Physical Education – Girls

Faculty Of Home Economics

Faculty Of Commerce & Business

Faculty Of Social Work

Faculty of Tourism

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Engineering – Helwan

Faculty of Engineering – Matareya

Faculty of Computer and Information

University Locator:


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